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Chamber Music

U Music's Chamber Music Program is a great way for students to have fun while honing their musical skills at the same time. Kids who sign up are assigned to a group based on skill level, and a coach to guide them through rehearsals. As a chamber group, students are given the opportunity to participate in competitions and festivals as a team. Playing in a chamber group helps students develop their teamwork and social skills, as well as teaching responsibility and discipline. Sign up today to be in your own chamber group!

Words from a Member of the First Quartet:

"The experiences from my quartet have been the most magical part of my time at U Music. When I was told that I had to play together with three other people, I was confused and scared. But when I discovered that I was playing with three of my closest friends in U Music- Justin, Gwendolyn, and Iris- I felt a lot better. I recall once when we were performing Chaconne in D Minor, we somehow got mixed up. But within the next few counts, we were right back together. Afterwards, we received comments that mentioned how weird and scary it was that we could telepathically connect like that. My group has worked together so well over the past few years and have gotten closer and closer as friends, which only improves the synergy when we stand over our marimbas and play. As 75% of our quartet now enters our senior year, we will always remember the magic of the chamber music program, and will never forget the experiences and memories for as long as we live."

-Wesley Lin