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Level 4

Level 4 students start using full-sized percussion instruments such as marimbas, concert toms, and xylophones, often switching back and forth between several instruments during a piece. TA Group members will need some experience with percussion and sight-reading (basic rhythms and treble clef), as well as the ability to work well with others.

Students attend all 30 minutes of each class with a parent/caregiver. There are 10 classes a semester, with 2 bonus lessons for a total of 12 classes. Classes are non-sequential.

Level 4 是育音的進階團。需有打擊樂經驗,可自己獨立讀譜( 包括節奏及高音五線譜 )、視奏及與人合奏的能力。年齡在小學2-4 年級兒童。