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Level 1

"Where Your Child Develops Instrument-Playing Skills"

For your budding musician, this program provides a pressure-free, developmentally appropriate transition where he/she can musically succeed before taking on more formal instruction. In small movement-oriented classes, it develops his/her greatest instrument – the voice – while he/she learns music symbols and notation. This program develops instrument-playing skills with the introduction of the glockenspiel (pre-keyboards) and percussion instruments, as listening activities strengthen his/her ability to recognize a variety of instruments and musical concepts.


60分鐘的課程裡,透過遊戲、思考、記憶、實行、來引導兒童學習基礎樂理,進而應用這些知識,來自己創作曲調。 透過擊鼓、歌唱、聽寫等多元的方式來教導兒童熟悉各種鍵盤位置和調性。並藉由特殊設計的律動,來指導孩子以正確姿勢手形來彈奏鍵盤,進一步能有即興演奏的能力。(p.s. 需自備鐵琴 )